Saturday, June 13, 2009


hi frnds,how r u all,hope u doing well,our new goverment launched,there 4 minsters r frm our small state kerala,v must proud abt tat, but an doubt also occured,can they do some thing of india,especialy for kerala,i dont think so,the history vl repated,always wen budget come out,always kerala get disappointments,bcs our memebers of parliment have no time for our state,they r too busy,wat they doing we dont know,if look at our nieghbour state thier m p 's always fighting more and more offers for thier state,but our leaders not get time for tat,they fight each other only for their complex,as one oldman said"kalikaalam"

Monday, April 6, 2009


hi friends,i am proud to announce about an award which we earned in this year after oscar glory.Oscar give for films,i thing this award is most precious than oscar ,because we got this award for our political strenght,and it is most importand that only USA get this award before us,is it intresting ,we must be grateeful to our goverment for such a great achievement like this. would u like to saw award cermony live,visit this link .

Sunday, April 5, 2009


"Go,poll the vote, do your duty",everyone says,but for whom?,no one can give right guideline.For congress: the party which built by many great personalities,but now distroyed by its followers.Or for communist :the party which have revolutionary ideas,but its not believed by its own followers.Or for BJP:which party always against Indian culture,all are same to same.all ordinary people shocked in front of this reality.Its our fate that there were criminals and dons riding our country,we must ashamed about its the time of rethinking,at least we must ensure that our leader is not a criminal,otherwise our old generation don't forgive us,who buried their life for our country